Facebook Alexa Rank What Happened

Haven’t been a while on Facebook but today I decided to visit it and I checked its Alexa Rank. I saw it is only ranked global on 10. position. There was a time it was ranked almost better than Google. Yes Google still has the first position and Youtube second position. Google is still leading on Alexa Ranking.

I see there are a lot of chinese websites before Facebook, maybe they will as well beat Google, it’s a big market China. Yes of course Facebook is still the biggest social network worldwide, there are about 2.8 billion users. I think they don’t worry about its Alexa Rank, maybe chinese users use more the Alexa Toolbar, because Alexa only counts traffic from users with its Toolbar.

I think Facebook hasn’t lost users, but maybe they have reached the limit of growing. And there are countries they have their own big social networks and anyways there are many social networks around worldwide, it’s a big competition for them. It will be harder as well to generate income if the users use more and more adblockers.

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