The Future Of Google

More and more users use Adblocks. For me I have almost an ad free life. No more Television, no News Papers, when I want to watch a movie I go to Google Movies, all advertisement free. And now Google Search and Youtube totally ad free. But what is the future of these services, which generate their income through advertisements.

Will they start to bypass the Adblocks, like on Facebook I still see ads and these big companies have the best programmers on the market. But browser addons like these Adblocks are strong as well, the battle of advertising. Maybe in the future we will have to pay for these services, I would because I like them.

Is the dream of internet advertising for the companies soon over? I think they will find a solution, but what will it be. Or is the solution an ad free life like I have at the moment, but the whole system needs advertising. How will they advertise new products, new companies or new services?

In the meantime, Aloha, ad free surfing…