How do Adblocks change the internet

Adblockers aren’t anything new, but they have become very popular. Google chrome browser is using an integrated adblocker, but this one is blocking some ads and some not. That I didn’t like, because I think it’s not fair and I don’t like if my browser decides what advertisements I should see and which not. Then I decided, when even Google uses an adblocker why should I continue watching ads and I installed Adblock plus.

All advertisements are gone, no more supporting the companies with watching and clicking the advertisements. When I installed the addon for Firefox I saw that over 500 million users have downloaded the addon, on chrome over 10 million. That’s a big market which is lost for advertisers. And I think these no ads users are growing.

There is still the mobile market, where it’s more complicated to block the apps of showing ads and most desktop users are still watching and clicking ads. But I think in the near future there will be more users with strong adblockers than those without. And how will these big and small companies generate their income and where will the advertisers go. The dream of advertisers the internet could be a big nightmare in the future.

Less people are watching television and reading newspapers, you can all get on the internet. Watching movies, those you like, reading news, only those who you are interested in. Now where will the advertisers showing their products, good question or.

I’m surfing now without watching almost any ads, yes you can still give external links, it’s as well advertising. Maybe in the future adblocks are blocking these external links as well, so Google search results will be empty pages.